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“ The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

Michael Porter

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Stimo Design


Local furniture design studio with Italian styling and premium look modular pieces.



Packaging proposals for the special edition bars of one of the top chocolate manufacturers in Romania.

ProActiv Casa

Web Design

Brand identity and web design proposal for a local real estate agency in Bucharest.

Why brand strategy?

To answer the 5 Ws: who, where, why, what & when?

A brand strategy is a plan for brand management that answers the big questions: who, where, why, what and when? Building a strong brand requires a continuous commitment to excellence and an understanding of the qualities that
define the brand. A brand is not a logo, it’s a consistent attitude and a carefully
managed experience that meets or surpasses consumer expectations.

Digital Channels

Owned, Earned & Paid media

There are three types of media – owned, earned and paid. Content marketing utilizes the strength of owned and earned media, to reduce the reliance on paid media. So, what do we mean by each type?

1. Owned media – these are the channels that you build and publish (your events, web site or blog)
2. Earned media – these are the channels where people share your content with their readers and followers. Historically, this was PR through journalists, but increasingly brands are relying on customers sharing your content with their peers through social media. Brands also try to influence influencers, such as industry experts, bloggers, YouTubers or celebrities with large social media followings.
3. Paid Media – these are the paid for advertising channels (TV ads, trade press ads or sponsoring someone else’s event or conference, for example).

Content marketing is often referred to as Inbound or Pull Marketing (as opposed to Outbound or Push Marketing). Where instead of pushing messages out in paid channels in the hope that some potential customers may respond to you, brands attempt to create engaging content that potential customers will find when they are looking for solutions to problems that they need solving, i.e. when they are ready to buy or looking for a new supplier or expert.

Social Media Management

Communities do matter!

Social media is the way that many consumers
express opinions and share ideas with their
friends, family and colleagues. For a brand, social media allows you to communicate,
discuss, share and listen to your customers. It is not just a one-way communication tool, it is a channel for understanding and learning too. Even if you decide not to use a social media channel to communicate, it can still be a valuable mine of information about the interests, needs and behaviours of your audience.

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